This list covers key changes and updates in Drafts 5 for those familiar with earlier versions.

Draft Storage and Organization

  • Tagging. Assign multiple tags to drafts to help stay organized. Tags can be used to filter the draft list and queries - for all inbox, archives, flagged drafts - creating project workspaces.
  • Filtering and Workspaces. The inbox, archive, flagged and trash folder can be filtered by one or more tags, or display untagged drafts to create virtual workspaces for projects. Multiple workspaces can be save and retrieved.
  • Focus mode. One of Drafts key feature is always opening to a new draft, but sometimes it’s useful to temporarily disable new draft creation when you are working on a longer draft, or processing a series of drafts. When focus mode is enabled, will always return to the last edited draft, and “After success” actions will open the next draft rather than a new one, to allow quickly processing a series of drafts without having to re-open them one at a time from the draft list.
  • Next-Previous navigation. Via buttons or keyboard shortcuts, easily move to the next or previous draft for quick processing.
  • More control over the draft list. Display just title, extended previews, last run action, or not. Your choice.
  • More efficient, fast iCloud sync. Sync has now been expanded to many user settings as well.

Editor and Interface

  • All new editor with better theming and more syntax highlighting options. Syntax highlighting is selectable per draft for Markdown, Plain text, Taskpaper and Javascript - with more syntaxes planned.
  • Multiple extended keyboards. Keyboard configuration has been integrate into actions. Any action group can be displayed on the extended keyboard, and you can quickly select between multiple keyboard rows by swiping up-down on row.
  • App-wide themes and alternate app icons.
  • Detailed control over text editing options. Adjust margins, line height, line numbering, auto-correct, smart quotes/dashes, and more.
  • Tappable [x] / [ ] task check marks.
  • Pin draft or action lists on iPad. If you prefer to keep open draft or action list, you can.
  • Find and replace. In draft find and replace, including regular expression support.
  • Expanded external keyboard support. Better app navigation and, as always, customizable, assignable hot keys for actions.
  • Improved arrange mode. Arranging selected lines, or arranging by blocks or lines.


  • Dramatically enhanced scripting capabilities. Query and update drafts, read and write files, integrate with web services (HTTP requests), generate reminders and events and more.
  • Improved support for Workflow and Callback URL. New action steps can wait for results from callback URLs or Workflow, and incorporate those results in the action.
  • Support for multiple accounts. Actions can target different accounts for integrated OAuth services like Twitter, Google and Dropbox.
  • New Action Directory. Significantly improved sharing of actions through the Action Directory. The directory now supports updating and removing your shared items, and posting of action groups and well as individual actions.

Apple Watch

  • Add/remove tags from drafts
  • Flag and unflag drafts
  • Siri support “Create a note using Drafts”, etc.


  • All new, smoother user-interface.
  • Siri integration. Trigger capture in drafts with Siri, using phrases like “Create a note using Drafts”, “Dictate a note with Drafts”.
  • Extensive drag and drop support. Including support for dragging text from anywhere and dropping directly on an action in the action list to run an action.
  • Improved on-demand and automatic backup of drafts and actions.
  • New themed Share extension with syntax-highlighting, TextExpander support and option open in Drafts.
  • Spotlight, Handoff and all the other goodies.

The Business Bits

  • Drafts 5 will be released as a new app. Drafts 5 will not replace Drafts 4, but install along side it.
  • Drafts 4 will continue to be supported and available. Drafts 4 will remain in the store and be supported at this time. People can choose to migrate to Drafts 5 if and when they feel they are ready.
  • Drafts 5 will offer a generous free version. Drafts 5 will be a free download, with a generous feature set. Exact list of features available in the free version have not been finalized, but will allow create, editing of drafts and use of actions.
  • Drafts Pro Advanced features and customizations will be available as part of the optional Drafts Pro subscription.
  • We hope to bring Drafts to the Mac. A lot of work has been done in the Drafts 5 development cycle to prepare the app to move to the Mac, but we do not have anything to announce at this time.